Cake with kefir/yoghurt and canned peaches (Italian recipe)

Today I present to you a quick and easy cake with kefir and peaches. I didn’t have kefir and replaced it with yogurt, I didn’t have fresh peaches, so I replaced them with compote peaches. It turned out to be something very tasty! Try it for yourself! Enjoy! * The recipe is borrowed from the culinary Facebook group “Italy on the table”. Here is the…

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Turkish Börek (Turkish Phyllo Cheese Pie)

On the day of love, I present you a recipe that you will surely fall in love with. It was recommended to me by Dimitrina Boeva ​​- the person I have not met live yet, but who with enthusiasm and the purest feelings constantly recommends recipes and gives me ideas of what dish to prepare. Her words were: “Prepare it, it is always perfect and…

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Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownie

Love is in the air. Everything is decorated in red, with hearts and “sprinkled” with chocolate for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. That’s why I want to offer you this recipe, which combines all this – and red, and hearts, and chocolate – RED VELVET CREAM CHEESE BROWNIE, with which the aroma of chocolate and butter will take over your whole house. Let’s make our loved…

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Parfait with sour cream and dark and white chocolate

I have loved parfait since I was a child. It seemed like a super exquisite dessert to me then, especially after I found out that it comes from French and is spelled PARFAIT (something like Peugeot;) )… I remember once with my grandmother Anastasia, after whom I was named, we bought different types of sweets, including a pink strawberry parfait, from a pastry shop at…

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Steaks with cheese and boiled eggs crust (keto recipe)

Hello, today I will present you an interesting (at least for me) recipe. STEAKS WITH CHEESE AND BOILED EGGS CRUST. It is very easy and fast, but most importantly – tasty and low-carb (keto, as it is widely known in modern times). You can use any meat – pork, beef, chicken, and even turkey. And for the crust, the variety of cheeses is also almost…

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Oven Baked Sauerkraut with Rice and Potatoes

After yesterday’s trip to France with the wonderful home-made croissants, let’s return to our homeland and prepare something that originates from here, with sauerkraut – SOURKRAUT WITH RICE AND POTATOES. And despite the spring temperatures outside, let’s not forget that it’s still February. Here is how I prepared this delicious Bulgarian variation – the way my grandmother prepared it:

Chocolate chips muffins

Probably it’s the same with you, but at home, anything that contains chocolate in any form disappears very quickly. So today I would like to show you wonderful muffins after an American recipe, of course CHOCOLATE CHIPS MUFFINS. Very easy and super delicious! And everyone enjoys them – both young and old! Greetings and a wonderful day to all! * The recipe is borrowed from…

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