Oven backed mackerel with tomatoes

Today I am giving you an idea for a fish recipe for the occasion of the coming Saint Nicholas Day. It is not the traditional stuffed carp, but it is traditionally Bulgarian and incredibly delicious. And fast;) I wish you a nice and happy holiday to everyone – both all the celebrating with these beautiful names and the people around who love them! 🙂

Cold tomato leeks soup

The fastest winter soup! And so much taste and color there are in these seemingly simple ingredients! The breath of the family hearth, the table with the three-legged small chairs, the dish simmering on the fire,  simply home … Taste it and you won’t regret it! Cold tomato soup with leeks – even kids like it! Enjoy! 🙂

Serbian bread with cheese filling

I’m not an unsurpassed master of bread and pastry, but I’ve made quite a lot. And this one … I don’t know exactly for what reason, but it turned out to be very soft and delicious. I present to you SERBIAN BREAD WITH CHEESE FILLING. I saw the recipe from Roza Kostova, on the Culinary Group on Facebook “Different Tastes”, for which I heartily thank…

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Fried meatballs

Fried meatballs – this is the Bulgarian classics. And in combination with those home made potato fries, it becomes a real savoury and everyone will love you! 🙂 In my opinion, there is no need for a recipe, but I just remembered the times when I myself needed a recipe for the meatballs, so have a look how I prepared them anyway. Have a nice…

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