Parmesan, Egg and Avocado Cauliflower “Steaks”

Today I present to you a more modern dish from the low-carbohydrate (keto) kitchen – PARMESAN, EGG AND AVOCADO CAULIFLOWER “STEAKS”. I know that some meat lovers will look condescendingly and with ridicule on my “steaks”, but I assure you that the recipe is nutritious enough, and the taste is just fantastic! Try it! 🙂

Chocolate muffins with Irish cream frosting

Just like these wonderful CHOCOLATE MUFFINS WITH IRISH CREAM FROSTING, today is a special day for our family. Exactly 11 years ago, on a sunny, rainy afternoon on Holy Monday (the day after Easter), Maria appeared. I thank her for being there and for teaching us many lessons. We are celebrating! Have a nice day everyone! 🙂 And by the way, muffins are just unique!…

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Lasagna Bolognese with macaroni (Pasticio or Pasta Pasticciata)

Here is another Saturday temptation –  in Italian way with the most delicious Bolognese and Béchamel sauce as in the wonderful lasagna, and in our Bulgarian way – to use whatever pasta we have in the cupboard. Let’s not forget the delicious yellow crust on top. And you want – sprinkled on top with Parmesan… Well, here are my LASAGNA BOLOGNESE WITH MACARONI. Later I…

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Quick cake with biscuits and apples from the old culinary notebooks

Hello, dear chefs! Today we will again have fun with a really easy cake, which was prepared a long time ago and I found in my old culinary notebook without any explanatory steps for preparation – only with the ingredients. It seems that most of the recipes were once only with the ingredients, because everyone knew how to prepare them and did not need much…

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Fast puff pastry mini pizzas

Puff pastry has saved me more than once when I have to make something for breakfast. That’s why I almost always have at least one package in the fridge. Various shapes and fillings – rolled up as a snail, wrapped triangular or rectangular patties and other snacks. Here is today’s variation – QUICK PUFF PASTRY MINI PIZZAS. They disappeared in seconds! 🙂 Try it!

Bulgarian polenta with bacon and cheese

Good morning, chefs! Today I will show you a recipe that my husband prepared – POLENTA WITH BACON AND CHEESE. He is a big fan of polenta and often makes it at home, and I play the role of an assistant – from time to time I replace him in the stirring and carry out orders :). Here is our typical Bulgarian polenta – with…

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Oven roasted pork with potatoes and beer

Winter temperatures outside require something like pork in the oven with potatoes, but this time we will cook it with beer. Wow, delicious! I’m not very much into drinking, but I guess a nice beer will go with this dish! Or something else;)! I saw the idea for the recipe from the culinary youtube channel “Home cooking with Danny”. Enjoy your meal! 🙂 Here is…

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