Oriental home-made BAKLAVA

For this recipe I have to thank sincerely a very special person – Petya Argirova, the creator of the culinary blog “Smells like…” (https://uhaena.blogspot.com/). It’s been a few months after I took a baking course (my the way my second one over, don’t think I go to many culinary courses…) and it was there where Petya showed us how to roll the sheets of the…

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Roasted peppers with eggs in a pan

It’s again summer in the kitchen. This quick snack can replace any sophisticated gourmet meal you’ve been fuzzing around with for hours in the kitchen. All you have to do in advance is to bake and peel the peppers. Which, I admit, is not so easy and enjoyable, but the recipe options with roasted peppers are so many that it’s worth it when you bake…

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Magic cake

When I saw the recipe for this cake on the Internet (www.jocooks.com), I was really impressed. First of all, I was intrigued by the title – what is so magical about this cake? Then I understood. Due to the method of preparation, and especially to the baking, the simple cake batter separates into 3 separate layers with a thin harder layer at the bottom, a…

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Boiled egg meatballs

I guess you have already noticed that I often experiment with low-carb meals. And if the meal is such, I explicitly emphasize on it, so that people who try to limit carbohydrates in their meals, know that this dish can be called dietary (although “diet” is more a regime and a way of eating, rather than a calorie count, but now it won’t we discuss…

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Roasted peppers with garlic and vinegar

This is the taste of summer! This is the taste of my childhood when it smelled roasted peppers everywhere and they were an integral part of the menu. This is one of the ways mom and grandma used to cook roasted peppers. The other is with tomato sauce, which recipe I will show you very soon. Have a nice and delicious day! 🙂

Mini coconut deserts Bounty

Without advertising this so popular chocolate-coconut dessert, I will confess this is one of my favourites. Here you can see how easy it is to prepare it at home without using any special culinary techniques. I happened to see the recipe on the culinary site Tasty and hurried to make them. Both my daughter and my colleagues liked the desserts. So don’t delay and try!…

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