Orange juice cake

We are all witnessing how sometimes seemingly small and imperceptible things change drastically objects and situations accepted for unchangeable. The same thing happened with my tiny orange, which stood alone in the fruit pan and no one was paying attention to it… by the time I decided to make a cake … 🙂 I washed it nice, shredded its bark and squeezed the juice. And…

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Waffles by an old German recipe

It seems that waffles are people’s favorite sweet temptations… especially if one can combine it with chocolate, which is definitely a temptation number one ever!!! 🙂 This recipe I copied in my recipe notebook from a post by Dessy Ta in the Facebook group “I love to cook,” which covered in sufficient detail how the recipe was obtained. It stayed in my notebook for quite…

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Chicken with peppers from the Kneja region

Dear culinary enthusiasts, here is a very quick and easy dish that you can prepare in the our daily rush for dinner. There it is – CHICKEN WITH PEPPERS. I wholeheartedly thank the amazing Ivana Ivanova, who prepared it and shared the recipe on her website “Culinary Workshop” – Enjoy! 🙂

Dobrudzha region whole grain rich bread with lard and leeks

Happy National Holiday, Bulgarians! With the most Bulgarian thing that can get out of the hands of a woman – bread! This time it is with lard, leeks and some whole grain flour! The recipe is a slight modification of the recipe for the Dobrudzha multigrain bread with lard and leeks from the new book by Manchev and Shishkov “Favorite from the Bulgarian native kitchen…

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Shaken kebap

Quick and delicious recipe! Probably the fastest and most delicious! Which reminds me of home! SHAKEN KEBAP! It is true that it’s fasting period again, but I have long come to the conclusion that obeying church canons has nothing to do with honoring the Lord and living as a good person towards yourself and the others. So you’ll forgive me in advance! I remember this…

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